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Key jump safely guidelines:

1. One person per trampoline 2. Jump within your skill level 3. Don’t jump or land on the padding. 4 Land on you feet or backside when entering the airbag or foam pit.

Can I just come on in to jump without booking online?

We highly recommend that you book online especially on weekends and school holidays, to avoid disappointment. We do accept casual walk ins, however once we have reached capacity we cannot allow anymore jumpers in for that session. Our centre is an ideal place for pre teen children to enjoy.

What are your opening hours?

Please check our booking page for our open times. These are up to date and reflect our opening times for the day you are looking for. We suggest you check our opening days and times via our booking page.  Opening hours may change from time to time due to Public Holidays

Can we have our own Birthday Party at your centre without booking?

Due to our food health & safety policy, no self-catering is allowed unless it has been booked through reception.  This is due to allergies and anaphylaxis as well as the new hygiene regulations that are now in place.  

Can I drop my children and return later to pick them up?

Children under the age of 13yrs must be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times. Parents are not permitted to drop off any child under the age of 13 at the centre to be left unattended.

Can I take my coffee on to the trampoline area?

No food or drink is to be taken onto the trampoline area. Sealed water bottles are accepted.

Can we kick the balls to each other?

We don’t allow kicking of balls at any time to avoid injury and damage to equipment.

Can we use the sports courts when we are finished?

No, your trampoline entry price is just for the trampoline area. Our tennis, soccer and basketball courts are available for casual hire. Just call us on 9555 3900 to book your court.

Can we hire Jump Central out for a private function?

Yes we do offer private after hours bookings. Call us on 95553900 to find out more.

What food do you offer?

We have a small kiosk serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Soft Drinks, cookies, fruit and packaged snacks are also available.

Hot Dogs and toasted sandwiches at selected times.

Do you have a weight limit on the trampolines?

We recommend only 1 person per trampoline at a time. 110kg per person per trampoline.

Can I hire your venue for a private function?

Yes, we can offer you a variety of options for special birthdays, work fubnctions or photo shoots. Emaill us at with your requirments. 

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