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Let's get active.

  • 60 minute supervised Jump party in the JUMP CENTRAL arena.

  • 30 minutes at a party table for food and birthday cake following the jump session.

  • 30 minutes on the sports court, choose between soccer, dodgeball, basketball netball or AFL

  • 1 trophy for the birthday child.

  • 1 return entry pass to (Jump Central) be used at another time.

  • 1 pair of JUMP CENTRAL grip socks per child.

  • Fun and excitement for children.

  • Choose either a catered or self-catered party.


Jump Central @ Moorabbin Indoor Sports has a detailed policy in place to ensure smooth booking processes and to handle various scenarios.

Here's a summary of the key points:

Deposit and Booking Fee: To secure a party date and time, a $100 deposit is required. Within this deposit, there's a non-refundable booking fee of $40. This fee is retained once a booking is complete and is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Refund Policy: Jump Central reserves the right to refuse a full refund of the deposit for changes of mind. However, patrons can alter the date or time of the party at no additional cost. If final payment has not been made within 48 hours of the party date, Jump Central reserves the right to cancel the party. Circumstances Beyond Control: In cases where circumstances beyond control, such as inclement weather or a pandemic, make it impossible or impractical to provide the booked services, the deposit (minus the booking fee) will be refunded upon the patron's request.

Parties booked with FOOD ONLY $42 per person

Plates, cups, serviettes, cake knife, lighter
1 party pie, 1 sausage roll and 1 mini hotdog per paying guest
Fruit and Potato crisps
Water and Cordial

We supply everything except for a birthday cake, candles and lolly bags for catered parties.

Parties booked with SELF CATERED OPTION $ 35 per person

Non catered parties will need to bring their own supplies (plates, cups, etc) their own food and drink,
as well as their cake, candles and lolly bags.

Due to the risk of allergies, anaphylaxis and food contamination, we do not allow self-catered parties
to re heat or use our cooking facilities. All self-catered parties must bring their food in ready to be
served on the party table. Food handling and safety procedures must be enforced in this situation. No
appliances or cooking equipment is to be brought into the centre.

The Combination Party Structure

Jump Central offers an exciting party experience with a structured format to ensure everyone has a
fantastic time. Here's a breakdown of the party flow.


  1. Introduction and Rules: Before the party begins, the party hosts will run through the centre’s rules with the children to ensure everyone safety and enjoyment.

  2. Jumping Session: Party guests will be escorted by their party host(s) into the Jump Central arena for 1 hour of guided and supervised jumping. This hour will be divided into 20-minute intervals at each trampoline station, including the Giant Air Bag, Slam Dunk Zone, and Free Jump Area.

  3.  Food and Seating Area: After the jumping session, guests will be escorted to the seating area where food will be served. The party table will be set up and ready for the guests to enjoy their meal.

  4.  Cake Time: Once everyone has finished eating, the table will be cleared to make room for the birthday cake.

  5.  Sports Courts Session: Following the food portion of the party (30 minutes), guests will have 30 minutes on the sports courts (choose between soccer, dodgeball, basketball, or AFL) for additional fun and activities.

  6.  Conclusion of Party: Guests cannot re-enter the trampoline area or sports court after the two hour party time. This ensures smooth transitions for incoming parties and maintaining capacity limits.

This structured format ensures that each aspect of the party, from jumping to dining, sports, and
celebrating, is well-organized and enjoyable for all guests.

Party Booking Form

Party Date
Party Type
Food Options

Party Booking Form

Party Date
Party Type
Food Options
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